nf&co. drove 25-fold revenue growth for CityRow.

We developed a full-funnel growth strategy, designed and developed CityRow’s conversion funnel, and executed on social, SEM, and affiliate.


Cityrow GO monthly revenue growth


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Website Conversion Rate


Monthly New Customer Revenue

↑ 30%



Founded in 2014 as an in-person rowing studio, CityRow launched their on-demand digital platform in 2018. Today CityRow combines cardio, strength training, mobility, endurance, and stretching into a live, revolutionary at home workout.

Increased on-site conversion rate 26% and AOV 30%

We designed and developed a new customer web conversion funnel. To increase conversion rate, we built a quiz that 1) collected useful data from prospects and presented a personalized product offering and 2) increased customer engagement. Additionally, we redesigned product description pages (PDPs) to highlight key features and specs, promote higher margin products, and upsell accessories, such as weights and mats. As a result, we increased conversion rate 26% and AOV 30%.

Onboarding quiz begins with location and requests contact information for CRM marketing
Based on customer inputs, we recommend the Classic Rower

Grew new customer revenue 2500% with Paid Channels (Meta)

On Meta Ads, we precisely targeted customers in-market for at-home fitness and most likely to buy premium workout equipment. As converter lists, social engagement, and site visitor audiences grew, we rolled out lookalikes, social engagement audiences, and expanded the reach of website retargeting. To maximize efficiency, our ads portfolio took advantage of the full suite of placements and ad formats, including static, carousel, and mobile optimized Feed, Stories, and Reels that served across Facebook, Instagram, and Audience network.

Winning Ads focused on the accessibility of CityRow’s home workouts and its unique rowing value proposition. High energy lifestyle video assets introduced users to the exciting workout experience and premium equipment. Class footage showed off the quality of instructors and app content. User testimonials provided social proof from happy customers. Static images featuring special offers drove retargeting conversions during the holidays and New Year, the highest performing months for fitness brands.

Grew new customer revenue 2500% with Paid Channels (SEM)

Our SEM (Google and Microsoft ads platforms) efforts established CityRow’s presence across the web, especially where high-intent customers spend time. For the search engine results page (SERP) we launched and aggressively grew presence on text and Shopping ads. We showed these ads for at home workout, rowing, and fitness related terms. We pursued aggressive keyword R&D to continuously expand the CityRow non-brand keyword portfolio, including targeting competitor keywords for which CityRow provided a compelling alternative (Myx, NordicTrack, Ergatta, and Hydrow).

Improved overall blended CAC 16% with affiliate content

After establishing stability in both Meta and SEM, we launched Affiliate to leverage the high-intent audiences of trusted health and wellness publishers.  We launched on the leading affiliate platform, Impact, and focused on high quality publishers and compelling payouts.  We instituted regular communication & best-in-market offers and creative. We scaled affiliate conversions to 30% of total rower sales decreasing blended CAC by 16%.

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My Subscription Addiction MAX rower review
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In closing

During our partnership with CityRow, we helped grow overall revenue 25-fold. We helped drive a $12m Series A funding round and build one of the leading at-home fitness brands in the country.