We helped drive Greenwood’s record breaking $40m Series A.

We launched a holistic growth strategy, helped develop product strategy and go-to-market messaging, and executed on Social and SEM.


Cityrow GO monthly revenue growth


Ten Little monthly revenue


Added to Greenwood waiting list


Nom Nom SEM conversions


Drop in Ghost Facebook CPL


Our commitment to meet your goals


MQLs Acquired


CACs Better Than Target


VC Capital Raised


Greenwood is the first digital banking platform for the Black and Latino community. Backed by 6 of the 7 largest banks in America, Greenwood features best-in-class online banking services and innovative ways of giving back.  nf&co. has helped Greenwood raise a total of $85m in funding.

Developed Go-To-Market strategy, leveraging earned media

We helped develop the Greenwood go-to-market strategy, advising on messaging on top-of-funnel ads and website landing pages. Bolstering our efforts was the significant earned media driven by Greenwood’s groundbreaking customer focus and founding team.

Built scale acquisition engine, acquiring 1M MQLs with CACs 80% below target (Meta)

On Meta, we used Demographic and Detailed Interest targeting to precisely target customers with affinities to personal finance, activism topics, and political engagement, and high interest in select competitors. As converter lists, social engagement, and site visitor audiences grew, we rolled out lookalikes, social engagement audiences, and expanded the reach of website retargeting.  To maximize efficiency, our ads portfolio took advantage of the full suite of placements and ad formats, including static, carousel, and mobile optimized Feed, Stories, and Reels that served across Facebook, Instagram, and Audience network.

We optimized our creative and copy mix by developing and split-testing three core marketing hooks to determining Greenwood’s most effective value propositions. Creative themes highlighted Greenwood’s distinct advantages including its cultural focus, influential founders and supporters, and best-in-class features.

Built scale acquisition engine, acquiring 1M MQLs with CACs 80% below target (SEM)

On SEM (Google and Microsoft ads platforms), we implemented a search strategy to efficiently capture high-intent keyword demand. We served ads to queries relating to the bank’s name, celebrity backers and founders, and unique feature set.  We also captured demand generated by Paid social campaigns.

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In closing

During our partnership with Greenwood we drove over 1M highly qualified leads for its banking products. We helped secure a record breaking $40M Series A funding round followed by a $45m Series B.