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nf&co. helped drive Nom Nom’s acquisition by Mars Inc.

We developed a full-funnel growth strategy, developed a high converting web conversion funnel and ad creative, and executed customer acquisition campaigns on SEM, Social, and Affiliate.


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Nom Nom was founded in 2014 and dreamed up in a 5x10 San Francisco apartment kitchen, by two devoted pet parents and one very special dog. Today, Nom Nom is one of the country’s leading fresh dog food brands, with over 3m boxes delivered. nf&co. helped drive Nom Nom’s 2020 $34M Series B and 2022 $1B acquisition by Mars.

Increased on-site conversion rate 21%

We designed and developed a new landing page portfolio for Nom Nom’s core dog food subscription product. Starting with existing webpage performance and heatmap data, we ranked combinations of messaging, creative, and CTAs. This analysis informed a new portfolio of landing pages that featured ingredient photography, comparisons to competitors, customer reviews, and Nom Nom’s money back guarantee. We split tested the ordering of these components, based on each customer’s intent and search queries. Our new portfolio of landing pages increased overall site conversation rate 21%.

We analyzed heatmaps of our landing pages to better understand customer engagement.
We split tested the order of modular components on landing pages based on each customer’s intent and search queries.

Grew new customer revenue 1200% with Paid Channels (Meta)

On Paid Channels, including Meta and SEM, we scaled monthly budgets 1200% while maintaining stable CACs. On Meta, we precisely targeted customers in-market and most likely to buy premium dog food. As converter lists, social engagement, and site visitor audiences grew, we rolled out lookalikes, social engagement audiences, and expanded the reach of website retargeting.

Winning ads focused on whole food ingredients, and quality and convenience vs. competitors. Assets leveraged polished brand photography, social proof from press and customers, and sponsored content partnerships with influencers and publishers. After identifying top performing copy and creative, we deployed Dynamic Ads, a placement that incorporates top performing combinations of creative and copy.

Quality and conveniece vs. competitors.
Focus on fresh, visually appealing ingredients, with customer social proof.
Informative customer reviews with happy pets.

Grew new customer revenue 1200% with Paid Channels (SEM)

On SEM (Google and Microsoft ads platforms), we pursued aggressive keyword R&D to expand the Nom Nom non-brand keyword portfolio around fresher, healthier dog food. We also targeted competitor keywords for which Nom Nom provided a compelling alternative.

We optimized impression share for core brand keywords, securing 90%+ impression share while controlling costs. We integrated our search strategy with landing pages, driving conversion rates above control.

We ultimately achieved a 400% increase in SEM monthly subscription volume while maintaining our target CAC.

Informative ad copy and compelling offer for Branded searches.
Pithier short-form copy for highly competitive Non-Brand searches.

Decreased overall blended CAC 12% with 3rd party content

Our 3rd party content strategy was three-fold: sponsored reviews, influencer UGC, and affiliate.

Sponsored Reviews: we partnered with trusted publishers of product reviews. We then borrowed their handles to advertise on behalf of Nom Nom on Meta and SEM. We partnered with My Subscription Addiction, The Quality Edit, The Fascination and others.

Influencer UGC: we partnered with Nom Nom customers to authentically tell the stories of their pet’s preference for Nom Nom over kibble and competitors, in addition to the dramatic health improvement after switching.

Affiliate Publishers: We revamped Nom Nom’s affiliate strategy, focusing on high quality publishers compelling payouts.  We instituted regular communication and best-in-market offers and creative. We successfully migrated all affiliates to the leading affiliate platform, Impact, and increased affiliate budgets 6x. Our growth of the affiliate channel led to a 12% overall CAC reduction.

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My Subscription Addiction Nom Nom review.
The Quality Edit Nom Nom review.

In closing

During our 3 year partnership with Nom Nom, we grew monthly new revenue by a total of 1200%. We helped drive a $34M Series B funding round and ultimately, its successful $1B acquisition by Mars Inc.