Ten Little

nf&co. drove 30% MoM growth in Ten Little's first year.

We developed a full-funnel growth strategy, executed customer acquisition campaigns on Meta and SEM, and advised on the web conversion funnel.


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Ten Little was founded in 2019 as a healthier children’s footwear brand. Since then, the brand has evolved into a personalized platform helping parents make healthy decisions for their kids at every age. nf&co. helped drive Ten Little’s $8m in funding and expand their product offering beyond footwear.

Drove 30% MoM revenue growth in Year 1

We launched Ten Little into market, prioritizing sustainable growth. We concentrated our paid marketing spend around the brand’s core products: shoes and sandals. Our creative highlighted these product launches, including the Everyday Original, Everyday Recycled, Everyday High Top and Summer Sandal.

Given the popularity and seasonality of Ten Little’s products (e.g. Back to School, Winter Boot, and Summer Sandal seasons) we collaborated with the management team to time and scale media budgets in line with inventory. Our creative and copywriting optimized for conversion with “Back in Stock” messaging, comparisons of Ten Little’s value propositions vs. traditional brands, and thematic bundling around Outer Space and Adventure themes.  

These initiatives led to 30% month-over-month  growth in the first year of our partnership.

Ten Little value props include supporting natural growth with flat, flexible soles, and natural, foot-shaped toebox.
Variants on the best-selling "Everyday Original" like these "Everyday High Tops" drove incremental growth.

Drove 3x ROAS on paid channels: Meta

We deployed a robust creative, messaging, and audience testing strategy on Meta to learn quickly and optimize for efficient account growth.

We prioritized rapidly producing high quality video content, and introduced new creative tests, on average, every 3 days. We steadily developed a portfolio of high-performing UGC, animation, testimonials, and lifestyle photography to communicate a fun, approachable, and trustworthy kids’ brand.

We targeted a variety of prospecting audience segments, including parents of young children and users interested in children’s clothing, entertainment, education and development, and retargeted users who had engaged with the brand on the web and social media. On average, we tested a new audience every two weeks—enough time to gather actionable optimization with aggressive testing.

Lifestyle content communicated premium materials and design.
Premium kid and product photography communicated new launches.
Cheeky value prop focused creative drove engagement.

Drove 3x ROAS on paid channels: SEM

We implemented a Non-Brand Search, Brand Search and Shopping strategy to efficiently capture high-intent users. These users were interested  in healthy footwear, easy sizing, and competitor brands, and were often activated by paid social campaigns.

We applied ecommerce-optimized strategies across our SEM efforts, combining a robust shopping presence with standard and dynamic search ad types, along with optimized callouts and ad extensions to maximize CTR and CR.

After establishing a strong Search and Shopping presence, we successfully launched Discovery, Display,  and Microsoft Ads, capturing higher funnel traffic.

Decreased overall Blended CAC 14% with 3rd party content

Our 3rd party content strategy was two-fold, focusing on sponsored reviews and influencer UGC.

Sponsored Reviews: we partnered with trusted publishers of product reviews, catering to parent audiences, such as Scary Mommy.  We then whitelisted their handles to advertise on behalf of Ten Little on Meta.

Influencer UGC: we partnered with Ten Little customers to authentically explain the ease of the shopping experience, the personalized recommendations, and the quality of the products, particularly in contrast to traditional competitors. Our 3rd party content strategy led to a  14% overall CAC reduction.

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Whitelisted Meta ads from Scary Mommy provided social proof.
Authentic influencer content drove trust in the brand.

In closing

During our partnership with Ten Little, we helped grow overall revenue 20-fold. We helped drive $8m in funding and profitably acquired thousands of customers for a revolutionary healthy children’s brand.